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Lost in Post Digital: a new BOOC designed with Dominique Turcq

After Lost in Management and Lost in Transformation, a new BOOC (The Simplicity of a BOOK, the connectivity of a MOOC) is about to be launched. Original content, original medium, by two unorthodox educators. Soon on your screens ...

The BOOC: Getting all the necessary keys to understand your reality and to start having an impact on it... in less than 90 minutes!

For decades now, the Top 100/200 leaders in large companies can benefit of customised programmes, designed and facilitated by talented experts, delivered in prestigious places far away from anyone's sight...

Today, in a world of uncertainty and complexity, corporations need to refocus on one thing: reality. How to capture reality, understand it and start from it for collective action. This is not anyone an exercise for the 'happy few'.

Middle managers cannot just get satisfied anymore by generic educational programmes, pre-determined, and often disconnected from their reality. A much larger population in corporations need to have access to the qualitative knowledge one can find in top leaders learning journeys.

Thus, sharing a common understanding and diagnostic of situations, companies will find some levers of action on their reality. These levers being unique, adapted to each context.

How to achieve that?

We are Executive Education experienced players and we have been thinking of a solution: The BOOC...

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