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Putting Innovation to Work

Design Thinking for Corporates

Making Innovation Stick

Replacing Old Brains by New Ones

Developing Serendipity

Spicing Up Innovation

Unleashing Initiative

Who Killed the Spark?

Creating an Innovation Context

& more...


HR Transformation Leaders

De-Taylorisation at Work

Going Digital

Striving in a VUCA World

Strategy in the Dark

Focusing on Value

Organisation vs Structure

Strategy AND Execution

Dealing with Complexity & Ambiguity

& more...


Muto Ergo Sum

Organisation vs Structure

Dealing with Hierarchies

The Smell of the Place

New World Thinking

Defeating Resistance

Operating Virtual Teams

Perfect Projects

Deciding in Uncertainty

& more...


Invisible Leadership

Leading from the Front

Defeating Burn-Out

Leading Fortissimo

Engaging & Influencing

Communicating with Impact

Doing Less in order to Do More

Collaborative Design

Feeding the Mojo

& more...

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