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Achieving Managerial Excellence - Kicking off Cedep flagship programme with collaboration & inno

Innovation, Collaboration and Design Thinking to open the AME flagship programme at Cedep. You don’t achieve anything alone – to make change happen and get ideas to thrive you need to collaborate. Let us set the stage around innovation & barriers to collaboration, before experimenting collaborative développement through Design Thinking. That was the deal made with Nana Van Bernuth, Cedep AME programme director. Interested? You should join AME: an innovation enabling journey. Participants learn how to harness energy and create the right context where ideas can emerge, people take initiatives and enjoy collaborating with others around them – it is about building the soft skills for business; the soft skills needed to align stakeholders and eliminate barriers to innovation. They are coached to from doing things themselves to getting things done with and through others, to create context where ideas can thrive and people can perform. The way it's done? Participants adopt an “innovation” project before (!!!) their arrival on campus...

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