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Lost in Management BOOC Soon Available

Understanding Power & Hierarchy, Dealing with Rules & Procedures, Building Trust, Acquiring the fundamentals of Empowerment, Developing collaboration. 5 Topics, treated in a straight-to-the-point way, to help managers avoid burn-out in these tough times.

Based on the famous book Lost in Management by François Dupuy, the reference in Sociology of Organisations, we (F. Dupuy, P. Silberzahn, B. Rousset, C. Gillet) designed and developed a new learning tool that we've named a BOOC.

Made of videos of famous industry, business and academic actors, a BOOC explore via testimonials, decoding elements and practical conclusions, a crucial topic for corporate managers.

A BOOC is the fusion of a BOOK and a MOOC! A BOOC is a bouquet of different sorts of mental stimuli, on a particular topic, that you can use the way you want, without any form of constraint. Like a book, and on the contrary to a MOOC, you can use it the way you wish. You are in control…. for real….and no-one is watching over your shoulder, nor controlling nor assessing you.

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