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This BOOC is a tentative to help managers who struggle to operate smoothly and harmoniously in their business environment made of paralysing processes, flood of KPIs, useless controls, obsolete plans, unpredictable bosses, surrealistic budgets, wishful-thinking strategies, and much more


Based on the work of the Sociologist of Organisations François Dupuy

Power & Hierarchy - Collaboration - Empowerment - Transformation - Trust

1 Hour experience featuring  Short Videos & Summaries.  Straight to the point.  No Bullshit

World class contributors

Proposed by F. Dupuy, C. Gillet,  B.Rousset, P. Silberzahn

What is a BOOC?
It is a the fusion of a BOOK and a MOOC!

A BOOC is a bouquet of different sorts of mental stimuli, on a particular topic, that you can use the way you want, without any form of constraint. You are in control…. for real….and no-one is watching over your shoulder, nor controlling nor assessing you.


Why would you use this specific BOOC? 
To disrupt the corporate world of managerial pain!

After the burn out, the bore out and now the brown out, what else?

Managers, scholars, consultants... we are all concerned: many of us are simply ‘lost in management’.  The very fact of talking about burn out, bore out and now brown out, places us in a paradigm that prevents us from properly envisaging the problem we are facing. Worse: this sometimes leads us to reinforce the system that precisely generates these situations:  We urge the individual to make every effort to conceal the systemic dimension and we spend our time asking people to overcome all organizational failures: be innovative, be a leader, be the change you wish, etc .... 

The real question is: “Which sort of context have we created that results into this situation?”. 

It’s not about changing people, it’s all about changing the context!

For iPad, Android, etc ...  Also available on the Apple iBOOKS Store

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