September 6, 2018

After Lost in Management and Lost in Transformation, a new BOOC (The Simplicity of a BOOK, the connectivity of a MOOC) is about to be launched.  Original content, original medium, by two unorthodox educators.   Soon on your screens ...

The BOOC: Getting all the nec...

August 15, 2018

You didn't;t hear about BOOCs yet?  What a pity!

Le BOOC | Le Chainon Manquant en Executive Education ​
​La Simplicité d'un

BOOK, la Connectivité d'un MOOC

Le BOOC est un outil hybride, entre livre (Book) et MOOC, destiné à un apprentissage simpl...

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This Blog features Clients sessions delivered and workshops activity... and other self-centric stuff ;-)

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